Website Design & Development


The founder of GenericBid wanted to create an auction based website that would run on various days of the week. The website could only be available to specific licensed customers who could be verified through account number and email registration. These customers would receive an email 30 minutes prior to the auction time with the auction items. The customers also would receive notifications on the auction they were actively bidding on. These notifications consisted of winning, losing and/or expiring auction notices.


The web development team created an auction manager program to handle the auction timing, confirmations and email transactions to the user based on their email preferences. The website design was to be responsive so bidding could happen at any time on any modern device. Only customers of could access the website by going through a two-step verification process. .NET/MVC and Twitter Bootstrap Frameworks were used along with Font Awesome and Adobe Typekit for fonts and iconography.


Within its first year, GenericBid has over $1 million in sales with little to no marketing. Users are happy with the bidding process and the 5-day auction settings. There have been a few 1-day auctions which seemed to please the founder and the customers who look forward to more short auctions.

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